Glimpse Into Her World

Tonight, this was in my inbox! An update of our Naiya. The update mentions her Chinese name – YingJia. YingJia will be Naiya’s middle name. A woman at the Chinese restaurant that we frequent said that her name is beautiful…It is the picture of a beautiful sunrise lighting up the morning sky.

The update was wonderful to read and it gives us just a glimpse into this soul that is our daughter. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Here it is:

“YingJia has 4 teeth now and she is a great eater, she has 3 bottle of milk every day plus 2 half bowl of noodles or congee or a steam bread, eggs etc. before she takes her naps, she will play for a while in her crib and then takes naps, she has learned many skills, she claps her hands for welcome and waves her hands for goodbye. She also can say ‘ ma ma’ and has started walking. After she learns walking, she is very busy and walks very where all the time. Sometimes, she walks to kitchen to grab snacks to eat. She is a very caring person, if she sees little kids crying, she will shake their cribs to comfort them or push their walkers around rooms. She is a good driver and knows where she can go while she is pushing a walker without hit anyone or anything around .”

Amazing to know that any blog now we will have pictures of Naiya YingJia in our arms! After reading this update, we are reminded of the blessing that she will be and already is to our family (and it sounds like even where she is now).

Would you be praying for her and for her transition to our family and new world she will be entering? And for all of us- the boys are gaining a sister. They will be amazing big brothers! Please pray that we are given the wisdom to parent this precious one and to know the best way to comfort, love, and meet her needs. What an honor!!!


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