It’s Go Time!

Last night, we received an email from our adoption agency telling us that our Travel Approval would be here any day and we should begin preparing to travel either next week (What? That’s NEXT week!) or the week after. That email really put us into high gear and we realized just how very close we are to holding Naiya!

Today, we received Travel Approval and we await the final date for our Consulate appointment (1-2 day wait). As soon as we get that appointment, we must buy airline tickets.

It’s sinking in…we are really heading to China (very soon- in the next 2 weeks) and our daughter is there waiting for us!

This is really happening!



6 thoughts on “It’s Go Time!

  1. Woohoo!! God is so good! God knows the minute and the hour, rest in his promises:)) love you all! We are here to do whatever we can.

  2. Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you. Guess I should bring that snow suit by asap. Maybe we can hold out until Sunday and hopefully I will be over this cold.

  3. NEXT week, that is crazy exciting even if it is two weeks that is still fab. I am ready to see your beautiful family of 5 in pictures! LOVE you!!

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