The Last Great Wait

It’s December 28 and we are waiting for Travel Approval from China to be able to bring Naiya home. This wait typically takes 2-4 weeks. Some have received it in just 7-9 days, but 2 weeks has been the average. We are on day 11.

Once we receive this approval, we will travel in 10-14 days! We are soooo ready!!! We truly are in the “bring her home” stretch.

Would you pray for God’s perfect timing and provision (we are waiting to hear back from 4 grant committees for remaining funds we need)?

We are thankful that this Christmas was our last apart from Naiya…Her orphanage sent a Christmas card. Naiya is sitting on the nanny’s lap all the way to the right. She’s wearing a blue bib!


We received an update also. Naiya is 14 months old. She weighs 20 lbs. Has a shoe size of 3. Is drinking her bottles on her own and also taking other children’s bottles to drink (little one must be making up for lost time). And…the update says that she cries very loudly so that all can hear her. I love it!

Below are the two pictures attached to the update:

The blue toy in her hand is one that we sent in her care package in October!!!


Naiya is learning to walk!!!


Naiya, sweet one, Mama, Baba, and your Geges are coming. Just know: We love you already…more than you know…we can’t wait to show you and tell you everyday.


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