There is a God

Who am I to doubt or worry?  God sees all and knows all.  He knows just where Naiya is and He knows how she must be cared for and loved.  He has brought us to her and soon we will be together.

There is the inbetween time.  The time when I have wondered what she is doing, if someone is holding her today or kissing her cheeks, if she is warm enough or had enough to eat–I am thinking of her and wondering and wishing we were together and while we are apart praying for her to be held, loved, and cared for– kept safe.

Tonight, while online, I came across a group of moms that have adopted from the same city that Naiya is in.  One mom was just in Naiya’s city and the same orphanage to bring home her 2 year old son in July of this year.  She offered to look through her pictures to see if there were any of Naiya that she had.  I sent her a couple of pictures of Naiya (post surgery) and her first comment was to ask when she had her lip surgery.  I realized that the only 2 pictures that I sent was after her surgery, so I sent her 2 more pictures of Naiya pre-surgery.

She sent me the picture that she had and then said that she had a story for me.  Here we go…

Read below to see what she and her husband have to say about Naiya:

“Oh my word!!! Oh Kelly, my husband fell head over heels for her. He prayed over her and would have scooped her up if he could have!!! When I showed him your first pictures you sent he said “I know those eyes”. We are SO incredibly happy that you are her momma!!!!”

After I let out a loud sob and thanked the Lord out loud for this gift, I asked if they held her and what her personality is like.  This was her reply:

“I wish we could have held her…she seemed so sweet!!! My husband said she was a doll, a total sweetie and very curious about him..and my camera!!! He said while he was praying over her she kept looking at him like he was interesting.  In the picture she was trying to reach for my camera. She has a beautiful face!!!! She captured both of our attentions right away. “
Here is Naiya through this precious couple’s eyes:
Sweet sweet Naiya never doubt for a moment that there is a God and that He loves you, cares for you, prays and sings over you, and knows just where you are and is bringing your family to you.  And for me– I won’t doubt that God knows just where my heart is either and that He knows what joy floods my heart to have just a glimpse into her world while we are apart and to know that some one has stood close to her and chosen to pray over her.
There is a God and He is good.
“For the Lord your God is with you.  He is mighty to save.  He will rejoice over you with singing and quiet you with His love.”  Zephaniah 3:17

One thought on “There is a God

  1. oh its so touching to hear about this! How great God’s love is as he loves over those who are abandoned but found with love! Kelly I’m so excited for you. I cant wait to meet Naiya.

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