Freaking Out!!!

This is BIG!

Today, we received the letter of acceptance from China telling us that Dang Ying Jia (Naiya) is our daughter! From this point, we are projecting to go get her some time between late December to mid January (we’d love to spend Christmas with her)! We are ridiculously excited!!!! We are freaking out!!! This letter of acceptance took only 20 days, but for many takes 3-4 months (probably has something to do with our paperwork being in China since July 2012)!

There are a TON of you praying for Naiya to come home and we thank you for your love and support! We love that you are excited with us (many of you are freaking out with us, too) and Naiya doesn’t know it yet, but she has many people anxiously awaiting her arrival!

Please pray for us as there are many details to be worked on, LOTS of paperwork and TONS of preparations between tonight and heading to China to bring her home!

One of the major aspects is the fundraising still needed to bring Naiya home. Yes, this could also be a freaking out point, but we know what God has asked us to do and we trust in His provision. We still have a $5,000 orphanage fee that we have to pay to the orphanage that she’s in when we pick her up and travel costs of about $12,000 for the 4 of us to go to China to get her. We have already applied for 3 grants and have 2 more to work on this weekend. We are waiting to hear whether we have been accepted for these grants. Our online adoption auction “It’s Time to Bring Naiya Home” will be up and running this weekend for bidding through facebook (be on the look out for a post this weekend with a link to the auction).

Time is speeding up and there’s so much to do. We are doing everything in our power to beat the clock, but ultimately we trust the Lord to lead and provide as we are potentially WEEKS away from bringing Naiya home!


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