Happy 1st Birthday, Naiya!

Dear Naiya,

All day I’ve thought of you! My first words this morning were “Happy birthday, Naiya”. I wish that we could spend your first birthday with you. I pray that today you were hugged and kissed so many times, that you smiled until your cheeks hurt, and played with your friends! Maybe you are wearing the pink birthday dress I sent you or cuddling with your new doll. This I know: God is keeping you safe and cradling you. He is the one who gave you life! What a special little girl you are!!!

Naiya, we are rejoicing at your life! We are celebrating you today! We even ate Chinese food for dinner.

Tonight, Daddy and I went to get a cake for your birthday. David wanted to light the candle that said “1”. Daddy, David, Michael, and I sang you “Happy Birthday”, then your big brothers blew out the candles and made a wish for you!

Michael wished that you have a happy birthday and that we can come get you soon. David wished that you grow more hair (not funny at first, but now I see his sentiment). David also says that he wants you to get here quickly to meet your new family.

Dad just wants you home so he can protect you and love on you!

We love you, Naiya!!! Happy birthday, little one!

Next year, get ready for a fun party!




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