Meet the Newest Carlson

Yesterday, only 3 days after sending our Intent to Adopt letter to China, we received word from our adoption agency that we have Pre Approval!  That means…we can show you pictures of our sweet daughter and send her a happy birthday package in China!  We also found out yesterday that our dossier (paperwork in China) has already been translated (thank you to those who are praying for a speedy trip to go get her).  We are hoping that this will speed up the process (supposed to take about 3 months) to get our formal Letter of Acceptance from China to adopt.

We are proud and excited to introduce to you the newest member of the Carlson family…Naiya YingJia Carlson!!!  Naiya means “to endure gracefully” and YingJia is her given Chinese name and means “to reflect beauty or excellence”.

I’m almost one! Come get me!

Off to start getting her room ready and prepare for our daughter to come home!  What an amazing blessing she is already and how much we all love her!!!!

Nice to meet you!







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