It’s a…GIRL!!!

This week, we received the call that we’ve been waiting for over a year!  Our adoption agency has matched us with a sweet, precious, beautiful, tiny, and perfect 11 month old little girl!  Her first birthday is October 23!  Yes, I am ending every sentence with an exclamation point and YES, we are ecstatic!!!!

This week was spent having her file reviewed by local doctors and specialists to make us aware of anything that we would need to know as parents. Tonight, we finished and sent our Letter of Intent to adopt our daughter.

We are ready to go scoop her up right this second, but the wait will continue for about another 4 months.  From here we wait for the formal Letter of Acceptance from China, apply for grants and fundraise to help finish funding our adoption, apply for visas to travel, get formal approval from the US government to bring this little one into the US, and then work on all of the travel details!!!

More to come, but wanted to share the amazing news!!!  We will post pictures when our adoption agency gives the okay!


16 thoughts on “It’s a…GIRL!!!

  1. I am so glad for you. I know she will be a blessing too big for words and likewise be blessed in your family of 5! I pray God will get her here in His perfect time and I hope it’s ASAP on His timeline. Also praying for joy, peace, provision and patience for all of you during the remainder of this process. Melissa

  2. AMAZING….GOD IS SO GOOD. So tickled to see who God has chosen and entrusted Naiya too. WE LOVE YOU CARLSON FAMILY ….ALL 5 OF YOU!

  3. PTL!!!! God is so good. Mommy’s little blessing, Daddy’s little princess, brothers’ little sister, family’s little bundle of joy. How we thank Him for wrapping them all up in Naiya and allowing us to call her our own. Praying that our Father will speed up the time until we can all meet her in person, rock her to sleep, and love her forever! Love to all…Nana

  4. So excited for you!! Yippee! I know all of 5th grade is going to rejoice with you when Naiya comes home! We will continue to pray for peace and provision in the final steps of the process.

  5. So our plan of a day together on the beach with her when we come in February is definitely on! God is so good! I love you friend!

  6. wow Kelly how exciting for you praying that the transition will go smoothly and quickly so you can hold your little baby girl . god bless you all . we miss you and it sure would be great if we get to see your family someday !! Xoxo

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