What To Expect While You Are Expecting

I went to a very dear friend’s baby shower over the weekend.  She is having a little girl and is due near the end of September.  As we hugged to say hello, her baby belly bumped me!  I loved it and it made me excited for the little one growing in my friend’s womb and also ponder the child that is growing in my heart.

I may not be showing in a physical manner, but my heart feels like it may explode, I am nesting, and cannot wait to meet and hold my daughter.  Adoption is not a pregnancy in bodily form, but there is an emotional gestation that is taking place—I have been allowing this love for Naiya to grow since last July—So about 12 months…In pregnancy form, my belly would be huge by now! 

I have been thinking a lot lately about what I should be feeling or thinking about at the 12 month mark…12 months ago we started this adoption journey and it was in July 2011 that we were certain that adopting from China was the direction we as a family were to walk in.  I don’t think that there is a manual for me to go by in this adoption journey, like the bestseller What to Expect While You are Expecting that marks pregnancy and baby’s developmental milestones month by month.

At the 12 month mark, I don’t even know for sure how old Naiya is or where she is.

In adoption, there are many unknowns…This is making me trust in God’s guidance, peace, and in knowing Him more during this time.  You see, He knows all.  He sees all.  He created Naiya and He knows everything about her.  Hopefully, soon, we will, too!


2 thoughts on “What To Expect While You Are Expecting

  1. Kelly, I just read your blog to Dana and Dinorah and we think it is a wonderful piece of writing. Also, it is good for anyone contemplating adoption. We also think the name of your book should be “China Girl.” We love you lots and think you are one of God’s angels here on earth!!!!

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