A Poem- While We Wait

From my heart as I think of Naiya this evening…Image

Clothes are hanging in your closet. Books wait to be read. Dreams of you joining our family.  Trying so hard to wait patiently.

Who are you, little one?  Where do you sleep?  What are you doing today?  Your mama wants to cuddle you and sing to you.  To shelter you and laugh with you.  To hold your hand.

Just wait, little one.  I know you are there.  We are coming to get you and when we are there, we will cuddle and sing to you, shelter you and laugh with you. Always be your family.  Shower you with love.

For our hearts have already welcomed you home.


2 thoughts on “A Poem- While We Wait

  1. Oh sweet Naiya…how blessed you already are. God has already placed you in this loving family, and has great plans of bringing you forever home. Your loved ones from afar pray for you, and wait with excitement for your homecoming. May you sense and be comforted by our long distance love. We love you precious little one.

  2. We love you so much little Niaya and are so anxious to hold and love you in person! You are in our prayers—stay well and happy baby! This is your great grandmother wanting you to know

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