In the adoption world there are a ton of abbreviations. DTC, LOI, LOA, WC, SN, etc… In the past week, I have joined a few adoption communities on Facebook. Thankfully, everyone is extremely patient with me as I have to take out a decoder (or Google the abbreviation) just to understand what others are posting. So, I’m learning the lingo. What I’ve also learned is the adoption community is a large one and what I am finding is that it is very welcoming, encouraging, and helpful. Everyone is excited for everyone else (even complete strangers) as they hit their “milestones” in the adoption journey.

Yesterday, I was able to post DTC (although, I don’t think I used it correctly, everyone understood what I meant). DTC means “delivered to China”! Yesterday, we received the incredible news that our dossier was sent Fed-Ex and is flying right now to China.

PTL (Praise the Lord!).


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