Signed. Sealed. On the way to be Delivered.

Adopting from China means a TON of paperwork! I’m not talking about a visit to the doctor’s office with twins and you have to fill out the same 4-8 page packet of info for each (Been there. Done that.). I’m talking paperwork that you gather and fill out, then it must be notarized, authenticated by the Secretary of State and finally sent to the Chinese Consulate for their very fancy stamp (actually more like a seal) of approval. And…MANY trips to FedEx- good thing our’s is 24 hours:) NONE of this is a complaint, just the truth of having 50 pages of directions to follow.

Here it is…the stack of paperwork needed!

There was joy in this paperchase journey. Feeling that each signature signed and paper gathered was leading us closer to the point of bringing home our daughter. (Getting teary now typing this.)

Today, the boys and I spent about an hour and a half at FedEx/Kinkos preparing the whole package…All of the documents, pictures, and photocopies that we have gathered since October 2011—This is what will make up our dossier (the very important papers, approvals, and pictures that will be sent to China in a red folder). As I made copy after copy and checked and rechecked to be sure that nothing was missing from the package, I thought about how amazing this process really is.

Small box…Big purpose!

Although I haven’t had morning sickness and a baby bump isn’t growing (I have joked to a few that I am eating for 2), so much is happening in my heart! A love that cannot be contained in this package is growing in our hearts…This one package represents days, hours, even years, tears, prayers of many, and faith.

Our family is already loving our daughter. Naiya, sweet one. Soon. Very soon.


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