I was holding John’s arm trying to keep him from confronting the guy on the cell phone and at the same time trying to convince him that this was part of the “experience”.  The hostess had just announced very clearly for the group to turn off our phones, not just silence the ringer.  One gentleman in the center of the group began making a phone call and then taking flash photographs.  The others in the group were surprised at the level of rudeness and disregard that this man was operating in.  We were all there to listen and learn, but this guy was messing it up for us all!

Turned out that this man was staged- a plant.  The point of this room (the first room) on the No More Orphans experience was to discuss how in life we are all distracted and when we take the time- with no distractions- to look the truth in the face- or in this case the orphan- it changes us- wrecks us and we must act.

Our family attended No More Orphans- Every number has a name and every name has a face.  This was a night of raising awareness about the orphan in our city, state, country, and worldwide.  At the same time, a call to the Church to act.

Some staggering facts and possibly the one that hit me the hardest (and apparently one of my sons, because he quoted it to me later in the evening):  If we removed all of the people who live inNew York City, we could fill it up again with all of the orphans in Africa andAsia.  Do you hear that!?!  One of our most populated cities could be a city of orphans.  For those of you who live in Tampa—Raymond James Stadium could be filled up THREE times with the number of children in America that need a mom and dad!

The orphan spoke and gave their testimony last night—The amazing part is that each of their stories were stories of redemption- They had been rescued, a part of a family, loved, and given a hope and a future.  We are all adopted– Adoption is a picture of what as Christians we have been given by God.  We have been redeemed, rescued, given a permanent place in God’s family (no longer an alien or outlaw, but now a child), loved, and have a hope and a future.  A family- a place to belong- is something that every human heart needs and desires.  We were created with this longing.  An orphan- no more.

The truth:  Many children – about 143,000,000  (To give some perspective:  there are about 300,000,000 people that live in the United States) – do not have a family or even a voice.

There is something that we can do and actually if we are followers of Christ we are called to do something:  pure religion is helping the widow and the orphan (James 1:27).

To each one, God has given a gift to use for His purposes (I Peter 4:10). When you are quiet and still–What is He calling you to do?  Guardian Ad Litem.  Be A Voice.  Mentoring.  Sponsoring a Child.  Encouraging.  Adoption.

What’s your distraction?


One thought on “Distractions

  1. Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing your experience last night. I hope the next opportunity that we have to be present we can. I know Jason and I stand with you all in reducing the number by at least a few. What a privilege it is to be entrusted with some of Gods’ finest children. I love the challenge that you set forth…we are ALL called to do SOMETHING! !!!

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