Perfect Strangers

Throughout this journey, there have been many generous gifts given from family and dear friends.  To all of you, we say thank you so much from the depths of our hearts.  When we began this journey of adopting in China, we wondered how financially this would be possible. 

Something special happened last week.

About 2 months ago (end of December), my Aunt Dana mentioned our family to her church and to a local adoption ministry/organization that she knew of.  She simply asked if they could help. 

Out of her request and the incredible hearts of a church body in Georgia and adoption organization, our family is receiving grant money and donations to help fund the adoption fees. 

We are seeing and experiencing the body of Christ in a new and amazing way…those we have never met are being touched to give and to help bring our daughter home.  We are blown away!

My aunt’s church (without us knowing a thing about it) bought baby bottles and passed them out to their church members to begin collecting spare change–for the purpose of helping to bring Naiya home.  Wow! 

One child in my aunt’s church, who is adopted from Russia, came to the collection table with a bag full of change to give.  I am told that they encouraged her that her gift would go to help bring home a very special little girl like her who is in China right now.  She gave with excitement.  Yes, God loves a cheerful giver. We look forward to meeting her and the others in the church and thanking them in person once Naiya is here. 

This is way bigger than us…God is using Naiya and her journey to allow other’s hearts to follow God’s leading. 

When David (my 11 year old son) heard me relaying this to John about this, David said quietly to me, “That is cool”…I told him this:  When God asks us to do something, He will provide a way.



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