Hurry Up and Wait

This week, I’ve begun to feel “the wait”.

Just about all of the paperwork on our family’s side to complete is finished.  We just have to send in the immigration papers and then our dossier (folder with all important documents) will be ready to be sent to China. 

So, now we wait…The past couple of days, I have awoke with such a strong desire to want to know Naiya, to know who she is, to see her, to hold her…I am ready, now.  We are waiting to be matched (the adoption agency matches us with our child) and that could come any day or any month.  I am ready, now.  It is not an impatient “now”, more of a excited and ready “now”.  I am feeling many emotions lately– like a mom who is waiting to hold her little one for the first time would feel.

So, what do we do while we wait to be matched? 

This week, I caved and really started to look and dream about cribs, crib bedding, and paint colors.  I was trying to be sensible and wait until we are matched, but I’m excited to create her space…It’s all becoming so real! 

While at Target this week, I couldn’t resist the pink sparkle Converse shows that fit in the palm of my hand.  I don’t know just how old she’ll be or how big she’ll be, but the shoes remind me that she’s coming. 

I have been praying for her.  Praying that she is safe and hugged today.  Praying that our family will be ready and love her completely and best.  Praying that I would love my family and be the wife and mom I need to be to my husband and boys.  Praying that God would quiet my longing heart.

So, today, as we waited, our family flew a kite in the cool breezy weather.  We had a blast.  As the kids ran around and I took a try at kite flying, it reminded me of China and my 25th birthday that I spent in Beijing, while I was living there…For my birthday, all that I wanted to do was fly a kite in my favorite beautiful Beijing park.  I thought about the kite that I chose:  a pink butterfly kite.  With hundreds of Chinese people, I tried to make my own kite soar.  I wasn’t too successful at this.  The Iron Man kite we used today flew better, I thought.  Made a note to self to bring back a pink butterfly kite fromChina to fly with Naiya someday.

As we wait for Naiya, we continue to live and yet are aware that there is one family member who isn’t yet with us in body, but definitely with us in heart! 

We will be there soon, little one.  This, I promise.


One thought on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. I was flying a Chinese kite the other day too! I miss China and love reading your updates! Please let me know when you will be going to China. I can’t wait to find out too…!

    Happy belated Birthday to you, take care Keh leee..

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