Ni Chi Fan Le Ma? (Have you eaten?- A Chinese greeting) February 7, 2012

Our school has now started offering Mandarin language classes one time a week after school. David came to me to ask if he could join. I was ecstatic! Michael was not far behind. Inside I was doing a happy dance. Every Monday for one hour, the boys are moving their tongues and mouths in a strange way to make foreign sounds that mean words to the Chinese people.

After their first class, they came bounding in to my classroom to tell me, “Wo ai ni!” I understood what they said and responded. They told me they loved me. They then were playing with what they had learned and began to point at some others and say “Wo bu ai ni.” (I don’t love you). We all laughed and enjoyed speaking this new language that Naiya is hearing every day.

I am so excited for the boys to try out all that they will learn when we travel to China and to be able to communicate with Naiya in the most simple way of telling her that they love her in her heart language.


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