Losing It (Literally) February 12, 2012

Part of China’s requirements for adoption is to have a full physical and to be under a certain BMI (Body Mass Index). Everything checked out great with our physicals except my BMI! I had a few pounds to lose. No woman likes to hear that. It’s a sensitive issue and frankly I wasn’t going to blog about it, but I am throwing my pride aside and sharing even this part of the journey.

Before Christmas, I knew that I had 5 pounds to lose. Easy, I said. Our social worker said to work on it after January 1st and not deprive myself during the holidays. When I weighed in after the holidays, I had gained another 5 pounds! I guess I enjoyed it too much. I was a bit devastated. Now, I had 10 pounds to lose! This was the last thing at that moment holding up the adoption. Reality set in and honestly I started thinking that I would do whatever it takes…I want to go get Naiya.

I cut out soda. Cut out sweets. I counted calories. I walked a little more. I prayed, because to me this was going to take God’s help. In two weeks, I have lost 9 pounds. One pound to go. As soon as the scales say the magic number (which I’m hoping is today), I will jump in the car and head back to the walk in clinic for an updated physical form with that one number to change.

The good things: beginning a more healthy lifestyle, having lots more energy, and being more fit to run around with my boys and Naiya 


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