Popping the Question

Last spring, while sitting at an after school spring football game watching the boys play, a mom from our school came to chat with me.  She has a little girl from China who is four years old and also knows that I lived in China for 3 years.  She popped over to tell me about her new job:  working at a Chinese adoption agency.  I was genuinely excited for her and also ready and willing to hear more about her new responsibilities.  After sharing a bit, she looked at me and said, “Do you want to adopt from China?”.  Immediately, my heart leapt out of my chest and my eyes teared up and I said, “Yes, I would do it in a minute.  The money would be the only thing holding us back.”  Her answer was:  “Don’t let that keep you from adopting.  God will provide.”

The truth is:  the financial cost of adopting from China is great.  In fact, Naiya’s adoption will cost about $25,000-$35,000.  This covers the adoption agency fees, filing paperwork fees, postage, China orphanage fee, and travel costs.  It is costly and even as John and I said “yes” to adopting from China, we realized that we will have to pursue fundraising, grants, and extra small jobs in order to “afford” this adoption.  The cost is great, but the gift is priceless.

As we begin to fundraise or friendraise as some have called it, John and I are looking at it as partnering.  Already, we are totally blown away at the phone calls, text messages, Facebook comments, and even Skype messages.  We stand in awe that some who are not able to attend the Bring Naiya Home BBQ, are asking for our address so that they can send money to help support the adoption costs.  We are overwhelmed with how many jumped at the opportunity to donate services and goods for the Bring Naiya Home Online Auction!  (Wow! Thank you!)  We are humbled, that God is even laying this on your hearts at all.

This is bigger than us and it really is GOD sized.  It is something that only He can do.  We believe that each phone call, prayer, note, gift given, check written, or encouragement spoken is you partnering with us in this journey to bring Naiya home!!!   We cannot wait to meet her and to introduce her to you and tell her the stories of how God provided.

Ways to partner and journey with us:

**Give:  Go shopping NOW at the Bring Naiya Home Online Auction on my Facebook page.  There are over 40 items up for auction from now until November 15th.  Amazing friends, family, and friends of friends and family have generously and sacrificially donated items to the auction.  ALL proceeds will go towards adoption costs and bringing Naiya home.

Click here to view the auction items and begin bidding:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150514414479816.467972.696359815&type=1&l=a1a1fdbfb7  To bid, just comment under a picture with your bid amount.

**Join Us:  Sunday, November 13th at CJ’s Bar B Skew in Tampa, FL from 2-6pm.  CJ’s will donate 10% of all food sales during this time period to bring Naiya home!  Hoping the line is out the door and looking forward to spending time with each of you!!!

**Pray:  Join with us in praying for Naiya even now.  Pray for the funds that need to be raised and that Naiya could come home as soon as possible!

Thank you for caring about something that God is passionate about:  the orphan.  We look forward to traveling this road with you all!  We realize that some of you who may read this, we have never met…there are no accidents, just more to journey with.

Thank you for partnering with our family!  We feel extremely loved and blessed!



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