What Color Should Her Room Be?

A lot has happened in a month.

Our family moved from a town house to a house with a backyard and places for the boys to run and ride their bikes. We even have a garage. The funny thing is this is the boys’ favorite place in the house. Dodge ball is amazing in a garage…so I hear.

We attended Orientation for the adoption. Our adoption agency has an office in town and we were treated with such personal care as we learned what the next steps are in the international adoption process.

We are working now on securing the documents that we need to complete our dossier. A “dossier” is the file of paperwork that is sent to China. The instructions guide is about 50 pages long. When I tell my 5th graders that following directions is important and that it is a skill and discipline that they will use even when they are an adult, I mean it. Following directions is crucial to this process. Nothing to fear or fret over…just a lot of T’s to cross and I’s to dot. I am so thankful to be working with an adoption agency that has done this many times before! I am doing my best to not get overwhelmed, but to just take it one document at a time. My favorite line in the dossier instruction guide reads something like this: When you have completed these steps, go ahead and paint your child’s room and begin preparing for their arrival. I read it and my heart jumped in excitement, and then I cried tears of joy.

You can start to feel lost in the process and that line just reminded me why I am willing to jump through the hoops and do whatever it will take to bring our little girl home. Really, the “hoops” are nothing compared to what holding her will be like.


One thought on “What Color Should Her Room Be?

  1. Kelly, you are an excellent writer! You could publish this as a book to encourage other parents involved in the adoption process, either international or local…I’m so happy to be a part of Naiya’s journey home. And how could her room be any color but “a little bit of pink”…..love you all.

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