Life Goes On

When you make the decision to go through the adoption process the rest of your life does not stand still. Although you wish you could fast forward a year or two and be holding your new little one and cuddling on the couch with the entire family, you are hit with the truth that while you wait…life goes on and oh my! There’s a ton to do. Like right now…getting ready to move into a new rental home—packing boxes, trying to figure out how to fundraise (That blog is coming soon!), teaching 5th grade, and desiring to be the best wife and mom as possible. Yes. I fall into bed each evening. Life is full, no doubt. Life is busy…true. Life is a process. Life is good (actually, pretty great).

So, as we wait and work and day by day come closer to going to bring Naiya home, we live…and pray for this little one’s life (Has she been born, yet? Has she been conceived? Is she waiting for us now?—God knows and He is the Giver of Life.)…Can’t wait for her to join us!!!!

–Psalm 139— “For He created our inmost being”


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