Her Name

In honor and celebration of receiving our acceptance letter from the adoption agency TODAY, we announce to you our future little girl’s NAME!!!

“A good name is more desirable than great riches” Proverbs 22:1

The name we have given our daughter is Naiya (sounds like Nya).  Here’s why.

About 4 years ago, John and I were dreaming of possible names for our future children.  In conversation, the verse Zephaniah 3:17 (the same verse we discussed the day we first met) came up.  We agreed that “Niah” would be a pretty name for a little girl.

Fast forward to this past July 2011, the day after we made the decision to commit in our hearts to adopting from China, I was thinking about the possible long road ahead and was asking God to please continue to encourage and confirm along the way that we were doing what He wanted.  Well, He blew that out of the water!

I remembered our previous conversation about the name “Niah” and became curious as to what the Chinese meaning would be for this name.  So, I looked up Nai and Ya.  I was amazed with what I found—a published paper talking about the importance of Chinese names and often how they were given.  In this article, it explains that
little girls who had been abandoned/left out in the extremities as a form of
infanticide and later, once they were found/rescued by authorities were given
the family name of Nai, which translates “to endure”.  The name Nai was given to abandoned Chinese baby girls who had endured!!! I was shaking. I was overwhelmed that God would speak so clearly and in such a way that touched me to the core and reverberated off the walls of my heart.

Because I lived in China and studied some of the Chinese language, I know that there are 26,000 Chinese characters.  What are the odds that Nai would have this distinct meaning!?!  For me, it was the encouragement that we needed (a first of many Ebenezer stone moments- 1 Samuel 7:12-14- reminders of God’s Real, Holy Presence
and Divine aid) that this was truly the path we are to go.  I also researched Ya and it means “graceful or elegant”.

We believe that Naiya, who we love without yet knowing carries a great name.  By the
time we meet her, she will have already proven her name and endured gracefully.


A Prayer for Naiya:

“The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”    Zephaniah 3:17


2 thoughts on “Her Name

  1. This is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever read. My heart is singing with joy at the love covering this committment; and this special little one God has already identified for you. I can’t wait to meet my new granddaughter!! How do we help bring Naiya home?

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